As of Saturday afternoon, I have completed the major part of the work uploading the UIL team schedules that coaches sent me and those that I found on school websites. After spending about 20 hours of work this week, this is what I have so far. You may access the links by clicking HERE.

Total: 817 schedules posted out of 1103 known softball schools for a total of 74.1%

6A: 197 out of 244 = 80.7%

5A: 207 out of 253 = 81.8%

4A: 147 out of 187 = 78.6%

3A: 165 out of 207 = 79.7%

2A: 101 out of 212 = 47.6%

Thanks to the coaches who have sent me their schedules. I really appreciate the help!

You can still send schedules to me at and I'll get it to the webpage very soon!