The 2018 high school softball season officially begins today for approximately 1245 schools today! We wish all coaches, players, parents, fans, etc., a great 2018 season!! Hope you meet all of your goals and have great success all year!!

The scores pages for the 2018 season are officially open. You may post your scores starting today using the following link:

The standings pages for the 2018 season are also officially open and you may post your season and district records using the following link:

I would like to start doing a weekly ranking of our high school teams and am working on how that may work this week. Also, I would love to do a player of the week by region, conference, and statewide starting this week. I will need participation from our coaches to do that.

Again, thanks for all of your support to our student-athletes as we all embark on a great 2018 season!