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High School Coaches Impacted by Early Recruiting

It started as a lively discussion at the Division I Caucus during the 2017 NFCA National Convention. It has progressed into a full scale effort to put an end to early recruiting in our sport. Over the course of the past four months, the softball community has rallied behind this movement and we believe the catalyst for change lies in our coaching community. We need your help to not only spread the word about our efforts to affect change but also to become active participants in this endeavor.

This is not a Division I issue, this is a softball community issue. High School student-athletes continually feel the pressure to choose their collegiate programs, sometimes as early as middle school, denying high school coaches the opportunity to guide these student-athletes effectively. Early recruiting has negatively impacted interscholastic athletics and by taking action, slowing down the process, and ending this practice, high school softball can continue to be a focal point in holistic student-athlete development.  

Please watch the video below:

Coaches, student-athletes, parents and administrators explain why they want the NCAA to pass legislation to end early recruiting in softball. 

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Early Recruiting: Action Center 


Early Recruiting: What You Need to Know 



There are many ways that you can join the NFCA in slowing downthe recruiting process. First, you can sign the petition below. Our signature count directly impacts the NCAA's decision to act. You can also forward this email and its the educational documents to those who are affected by early recruiting and encourage them to sign the petition below as well. If you would like more information contact:

Joanna Lane, NFCA Director of Education or 502-409-4600

Click the speaker to listen to an important message from the NFCA Executive Director, Carol Bruggeman

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Copyright © 2018 National Fastpitch Coaches Association, All rights reserved.

Read More: NCAA Division I Coaches Take a Stand Against Early Recruiting