TGCAGreetings from TGCA!  Just a couple of quick things to tell you and remind you.  If you are planning to attend Summer Clinic and plan to attend the UIL CCP courses on Tuesday, July 10th, you MUST pick up your TGCA Summer Clinic badge before you go to the lectures.  To get credit for the lectures with the UIL, your Summer Clinic badge will need to be scanned at the conclusion of each lecture.  THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS.  We are going to open registration on Monday this year, from 2:00 to 5:00.  So, if you are planning on coming in on Monday and have pre-registered, or still need to register, come by the convention center and pick up your credentials or go ahead and register and wait on your badge, because, again, you will not get credit for the CCP lectures if you do not have your TGCA Summer Clinic badge with you at the conclusion of those lectures.  If you wait to register until Tuesday morning, and you want to attend those CCP lectures, you may not have your clinic badge in time to attend those lectures.  We do the best we can at on-site registration, but this is very important if you want credit for those CCP lectures.  Either pre-register on-line now, or come by on Monday.  We cannot guarantee we will have your badge ready if you wait until Tuesday morning.  Also, be sure you have input your information on the UIL website for Register My Athlete.  If you have questions about that, please contact the UIL.

We will again be having the Welcome to Arlington social at BoomerJacks on Tuesday night.  They will have special pricing on drinks and wings for the TGCA member coaches.  We have also arranged for trolley service from the Sheraton and the Hilton to BoomerJacks free of charge from 7:00 until midnight.  We highly recommend using this free transportation service to attend the social.

We hope to see you in Arlington in a couple of weeks!  Thanks and have a great day!


Audree Tipton
TGCA Administrative Assistant