Hope you are all doing well today! I have a few bits of news to get out to everyone today.


I have moved the 2019 schedules, tournament brackets, and team websites from the subscription area to the public area of the Texas Prep Softball website. I figured since I’m going to ask for those from everyone, I should have those where everyone can access them. You can start sending me your schedules whenever you please – Pollok Central was the first to send me theirs!! I am updating the team website links from our website and that takes a long time – some of your websites were very easy to locate and some are almost impossible….

I will leave the open dates pages and the coaches directory behind the subscription area as that is what supports the continued operation of the website as per many of your requests when I tried to retire 2 years ago. I DO NOT give out your email addresses to anyone… if a company wants them, I tell them to send me the information and I can send it out if it is appropriate. Also, when I send out an email to more than one person, I use the blind copy function to protect everyone from multitudes of replies.


She may not like me doing this, but I wanted to give a shout out to a former player of mine, and now head coach at Nacogdoches HS, Summer Groholski, on the birth of a beautiful son, Raylan Michael, on the 29th.


Also, prayers of support need to go to Pearland HS head coach Laneigh Clark after her mother fell and suffered a serious leg injury. She is elderly and Laneigh and her family could use the prayer support.


Finally, some of you have asked me about clinics across the state other than the Gulf Coast Clinic in January. I always promote clinics put on by our fellow Texas HS coaches each year and I have contacted both the Lubbock and Dallas areas and right now and neither have plans to host a coaching clinic in January of 2019. Usually Baylor holds one in January, but I didn’t see anything listed on their site. I know that Coach Lumley had been ill, so I haven’t heard back from Baylor yet on their clinic. LSU does host a coaches clinic the Saturday/Sunday after the Gulf Coast Clinic.

For the Gulf Coast Clinic (, as of this moment, the hotel block is full, but we are in the process of adding more rooms. Usually I need to add rooms around Christmas, so this it is very early for me to do this and I’m more than honored to do that. We did block more rooms than last year, but we have already booked as many as we did now as we had on January 10. Also, the registrations are up by about 17% so far over the past. There seems to be a good chance that we will break our record of 497 from last year. Thanks for your support of the clinic!!

I will be in Chicago starting on Wednesday for the NFCA Convention. I will have my laptop with me if you need anything concerning softball and/or the Gulf Coast Clinic. I will be trying to stay warm in the Windy City!!

Thanks again and have a great week!