As the season winds down, I have added and updated pages that you may want to use for the rest of the season and have listed them below.

UIL FIRST ROUND PLAYOFFS:  There have been questions about the district champions having a choice of a single game or a playoff series in the first round. Below is the approved wording from the November 2018, UIL Legislative Council Meeting. This doesn’t affect the 2019 playoffs – this will come into effect the 2020 playoffs!

Section 1280(g)(2) of the UIL Constitution and Contest Rules would be amended as follows effective August 1, 2019, pending approval by the Commissioner of Education:

Section 1280: GIRLS’ SOFTBALL PLAN (g) POST SEASON PLAYOFFS. (2) Playoffs. Playoffs may be single elimination or two-out-of-three from bi-district to state. If neither method is mutually agreeable, a coin flip shall determine play-off format. EXCEPTION: IN THE FIRST ROUND OF THE PLAYOFFS ONLY, THE DISTRICT CHAMPION WILL HAVE THE CHOICE OF A SINGLE GAME OR TWO-OUT-OF THREE SERIES.  PAGE 22.

STANDINGS: Please come and double check what coaches around the state have posted and that I have completed and make sure they are correct. You can correct on the ENTRY PAGE and

COACHING JOBS: If you need to post a softball coaching position or are looking for a new position, you can post here… (This doesn’t take the place of the THSCA or TGCA job boards, but is a supplemental place to place these openings.)

TURF FIELD DATABASE: If you have a turf field at your school, please add or update on the database page.

SCHOOLS WILLING TO HOST PLAYOFFS: If you are willing to host playoff games and/or series, please add your information on the playoff hosting page.