I have ended the fundraiser for the College Fund for the children of Coach Megan Dobrinski.

WOW!! The money raised exceeded my overall expectations and it's so wonderful.

We had 134 total donations for a total of $15,075 pledged. GoFundMe does take 2.9% + 30 cents from each donation. So the net total donation will be $14,597.63.

I'm going to donate the money to make the donation money even at $15,000 to give to Megan's husband and family for her children's college/higher education expense fund.

I will be getting with coaches in the Bullard area who are close with the family in the next couple of days to determine when I'm going to drive up there from Sugar Land to set up an account for the children and deposit the money in their name.

Thanks again so so much for all of you who supported this effort for such a great cause.

Coach Billy Hicks
Head Softball Coach, St. Agnes Academy
Owner, Texas Prep Softball