Softball Coaches and Athletic Directors,

 We wanted to provide you an update of important information pertaining to an adjusted starting date and tournaments for the 2021 softball season. This information can also be found at this link. LINK HERE

 2021 Softball Important Dates

· ** New Start Date for 2021 Softball Season** --January 15th – First Day of Practice

· January 30th – First Day of Interschool Scrimmages

· February 15th – First Day of Interschool Games

· April 27th – District Certification


Scrimmage – Schools are limited to one scrimmage (with up to four participating schools) during the school week. Schools may also participate in an additional scrimmage at the end of the school week. The number of weeks a team scrimmages are unlimited, but a school shall not play in a scrimmage after its first interschool match.

Number of Contests Allowed

· 0 Tournaments and 26 Games or

· 1 Tournament and 23 Games or

· 2 Tournaments and 20 Games or

· 3 Tournaments and 17 Games


Tournament Guidelines and Restrictions

For the 2021 Softball season tournaments will be allowed under the following conditions:

1. Maximum of 4 teams per site at any one time

a. 2 teams playing in game

b. 2 teams warming up on opposite sides / ends of field

c. Teams coming onto field for next game must wait until the team before them completely leaves the field and sideline / dugout area and the area has been cleaned

d. The game must be completed and the 2 teams playing in the game must have left the facility before the next two teams can begin their warm-up on opposite sides / ends of the field.


2. Participating school responsibilities

a. Follow all UIL COVID-19 protocols / guidelines (

b. Follow all local district protocols

c. Follow approved NFHS sport specific rule considerations


3. Host site responsibilities

a. Follow all UIL COVID-19 protocols / guidelines (

b. Follow approved NFHS sport specific rules considerations

c. Communicate any local district protocols in addition to the UIL protocols, to participating teams well in advance of tournament

d. Host school must create a warm-up plan where no two teams are in the same warm-up area at the same time

e. Host school must create a plan to clean and disinfect the dugout / sideline areas between each game

f. Host school must create a plan for a deep clean and disinfecting at the end of each day to prepare for next day


Softball tournaments should not be held on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, except on school holidays. Tournaments may be played on Thursday, Friday, Saturday. A two-day tournament shall not be scheduled on Thursday and Friday. A one-day tournament shall be scheduled on Saturday.


Tournament Game Limits No more than six total games are allowed in a tournament. No more than three games are allowed in any one day.


Please make sure to check our website for updates specific to softball. Good luck to you and your team as you continue to prepare for the upcoming season. Please know that the UIL Athletic staff is here to serve you, do not hesitate to contact Brandy Belk (softball director) at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 512-635-6634 or any other athletic staff member if there is anything we can do for you.

Best of luck,

Susan Elza, Ed.D.

UIL Director of Athletics