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Coaches, friends, and fans of Texas High School Softball,

As many of you know, we lost a rising superstar in the coaching ranks of Texas High School softball, Megan Dobrinski, head coach at Bullard High School, on Wednesday, August 14, 2019. She fought her battle with cancer so valiantly until the last day, "Cancer picked the wrong coach!" was her motto to the end. We will all miss her smile, her energy, her love for the game of softball, and most importantly, her devotion to her family. 

We lost a great coach, and most importantly, a great person, way too early at the age of 33. Megan leaves her husband of 11 years, Jonathan, and two children, Ella, who will turn 7 years of age on September 17th, and Davis, who will turn 4 on Saturday, the day of Megan's funeral. 

Texas Prep Softball owner, Coach Billy Hicks of Houston St. Agnes Academy, is calling on the coaches, fans, and friends of high school softball in our great state of Texas, to unite in a great cause -- to raise money for a college fund for Megan's children, Ella and Davis. The family has approved this idea and is very grateful for all of the support that everyone has given to the family during Megan's battle with cancer, now during her passing, and in the future for the children. 

Therefore, we have set up a site sponsored Texas Prep Softball  to raise to money for the express purpose of donating to Megan's children in a savings account of the family's choice to help with the educational expenses of Ella and Davis in their higher educational paths. 

Coach Hicks will present the family with a check with the proceeds of this fundraiser in the near future so that the money may start earning interest to help out Ella and Davis in the memory of their mother. 

Let's unite as a statewide sport like we did for the NCTC softball program and the victims of Hurricane Harvey to support this wonderful gesture to the family of our friend, Megan Dobrinski.

Please use this link to Go Fund Me to join in the fundraising effort for Megan's children:

If you don't want to use a credit/debit card or your school/team wants to send a check, you can do that as well. Address the check to Texas Prep Softball and mail it to Texas Prep Softball, 125 Dogwood St., Sugar Land, TX 77478.

The fund drive will end on Friday, August 30, 2019. When completed, I (Coach Hicks) will deliver a check to the family to take to the financial institution to deposit into a savings/CD/Money Market type of account in the children's name for their higher education. I will provide a detailed accounting of the funds raised and distributed to anyone wanting to know as I want to make sure you continue your trust in me to make sure that the fundraiser is conducted properly. I will cover any expenses traveling to deliver the check out of my own pocket as another donation to the family.  


Coach Billy Hicks
Head Softball Coach, St. Agnes Academy
Owner, Texas Prep Softball
Co-Director, Gulf Coast Softball Coaches Clinic
2018 TGCA Distinguished Service Award Recipient